Pediatric Consultations

Pediatric Consulting

Many children today are fed copious amounts of sugar, processed foods, and refined foods from very early on. They are fed very little vegetables and fiber and nutritionally dense foods. As a result they become picky eaters and extremely malnourished. As children grow their bodies do not have the right nutrition to sustain them and they develop allergies, illnesses, skin conditions, impaired cognitive function, obesity, etc. It is CRUCIAL to nourish your child from day one – ideally, from the moment of conception! Providing your child with the right balance and variety of nutrients provides them with the proper nourishment to fuel them into their adulthood and ensure their optimal health and vitality. I provide one-on-one consultations both in office and online through email or a skype phonecall to help develop a plan for your child. I will create a nutiriton and supplement plan to help YOU and YOUR child, whether you are struggling with a picky eater, a child with eczema, autism, ADHD, allergies, etc. I will give you creative recipe ideas to pack more nutrition into their bodies without altering taste, and I will give you tips to help get your child interested in health as well!

“The health of our children is heading in a dangerous direction. We have elementary school children who have high cholesterol, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. Poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle are causing it and parents are the only ones who can stop it. Junk food, candy, sodas, remote controls, and computer games might put a smile on their face for now….. but what about tomorrow?”

~Bridget Swinney

Consulting Pricing

Initial consultation: $185 (45 minutes)

*Ages 0-12*

We will chat and get to know one another, and discuss your current lifestyle along with your goals for your child. Holistic nutrition is concerned with the ROOT cause of disease rather than the symptoms, so we will get to the bottom of your childs symptoms and find where they are stemming from. With that knowledge, you will receive a personalized and detailed plan that you can implement immediately with your child. I will give you lifestyle, diet and supplement tips to achieve homeostasis.

Follow Up Visits: $130 (30 minutes)

We will talk about how the initial plan has been working and how your child feels. We will adjust the plan according to what has been working and where your child may need more support. You will also receive encouragement and tips to make the adjustments and guidelines easier to implement. We will continue to build on our initial plan and will adjust it as your childs needs adjust.

*Consulting and meal plans are offered both online through email, phone or skype, and in person in my office.*

We offer a wide variety of payment options including Cash, Credit (small processing fee applied), Certified Cheque, Paypal, and e-Transfers.

Payment Plans are also available. Many insurance companies are also covering our services dependent on your specific plan.


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