Tests And Assesments

Tests And Assessments

Holistic Nutrition Testing

  • Nutritional Analysis (Assessing Nutrient, Vitamin, Mineral, Enzyme Deficiency)
  • Lifestyle Assessment (Assessing addictions, toxicity, stress levels, family history, allergies, etc)
  • Visual Assessment (tongue, skin and hair diagnosis)
  • Nail Symptomatology
  • Nutritient Response Testing (Aka Muscle Testing or Stressor Testing)
  • Orthostatic Blood Pressure & Adrenal Function Testing
  • Romberg Test (Nervous System)
  • Hair Mineral Analysis Testing (400 food items tested, 325 non-food items tested, metals/minerals, Gut Biome & Hormonal Analysis)
  • Cyrex Array 10 (Multiple Food Immune Reactivity Screen)