Tests & Assessments

Tests And Assessments

At Holistic Spring, we offer a series of non-invasive assessments to help us get to the root of your imbalances without putting any strain on the individual.

Holistic Nutrition Testing

  • Stool test: Gut TestingĀ  that uses genomic sequencing (from the sample you provide) to identify bacterial groups and metabolites that contribute to your digestive, metabolic and brain health. Contact for pricing and more info.
  • Nutritional Analysis (Assessing Nutrient, Vitamin, Mineral, Enzyme Deficiency)
  • Lifestyle Assessment (Assessing addictions, toxicity, stress levels, family history, allergies, etc)
  • Visual Assessment (tongue, skin and hair diagnosis)
  • Nail Symptomatology
  • Nutrient Response Testing (Aka Muscle Testing or Stressor Testing)
  • Romberg Test (Nervous System)