4 Seasons of a Woman's Cycle


The candida and parasite cleanse is meant to be done first followed by the leaky gut protocol for optimal results! These beautiful and informative guides will help you to improve your health and knowledge!

4 Seasons of a Woman's Cycle

The 4 Seasons of a Woman’s Cycle

Are you tired of gaining weight, feeling exhausted, losing your hair, having acne, sleeping poorly, having hot flashes, difficulty achieving pregnancy, etc? We all think this is a normal part of life for us women and that having the hot flashes and bone density loss during menopause is “normal”. Or that having hair thinning or extremely painful periods is “normal” during our fertile years. Or that our fertility issues means we were dealt a bad hand and there is nothing we can do!

Candida Parasite Cleanse Ebook Cover

Seasonal Candida & Parasite Cleanse

Skin issues, digestive discomfort, irritability, hormonal imbalances… these are not just ‘something you have to live with’! You CAN feel like a million bucks at ANY age so long as you fuel your body correctly with the right foods and supplements and ensure your elimination pathways are open and working correctly.

The Seasonal Candida and Parasite Cleanse is your guide to eliminating candida and parasites naturally, using a combination of homeopathics and herbs. Following this guide can help you to eradicate those frustrating pains and discomforts you experience daily by working on cleaning out the digestive system. This is a 30-day program with over 50 delicious, simple, gluten-free, low carb and sugar-free recipes. The Seasonal Candida and Parasite Cleanse will help to keep you healthy and your body in balance all year long!

Candida Parasite Cleanse for Kids Ebook Cover

Candida & Pathogen Cleanse For Kids

Oral Thrush, cradle cap, mood swings, digestive issues, eczema, acne, recurring ear infections and all other common childhood ailments are not just “Part of childhood”. It is an indication that something is off in the body and getting to the root of the issue and addressing it before it goes deeper into the body and potentially presents as something more serious later in life is crucial during the younger years!

The Leaky Gut Protocol

Leaky Gut Protocol

The Leaky Gut Protocol is your 3-step guide to reseal the gut lining and reverse your symptoms forever. This eBook is a complete program that walks you through a fully explained regime to help seal your leaky gut permanently.

Permaculture ebook cover

Permaculture: An Introduction to Growing Your Own Food Forest

Permaculture: An Introduction to Growing Your Own Food Forest will help you become more self-sufficient by using the Permaculture Principles. The basics of soil building, water management, propagation and planting a garden/food forest is covered.

You will learn how to create a regenerative food production system that becomes more resilient and productive over time while requiring less inputs. The principles laid out in this book can be applied to both large and small scale properties. Whether you live in the country or in an urban setting you can use this book as a stepping stone on your journey to growing your own nutrient rich food.

Candida Friendly Recipe

Candida-friendly Recipes

This eBook is just the recipe portion of My Candida cleanse. if you are already on a Candida cleanse or working with a practitioner and just want some meal inspo, then this book is for you! I included low-carb recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts and drinks!

How to Manage Anxiety Naturally

Manage Anxiety Naturally

Here is a holistic approach to managing your anxiety effectively. I discuss the main anxiety triggers in depth and share tips on how to manage and reverse your anxiety naturally. I share many tips and natural remedies for anxiety and to help stop or at least ease your panic attacks.

Homeopathic first aid guide

Homeopathic First Aid Guide

I created This homeopathic first aid guide to help you select effective remedies for everyday acute injuries and illnesses!

Holistic Elixers for the Mind Body Soul ebook

Holistic Elixers for the Mind Body Soul

Holistic Elixers Ebook.

Transcutaneous Vagal Nerve Stimulation Guide

Transcutaneous Vagal Nerve Stimulation Guide

This Transcutaneous Vagal nerve Stimulation guide is a great resource to help you use your TENS unit correctly and safely. TENS can be used t gentle stimulate the vagus nerve to help improve digestion, inflammation, detoxification, peristalsis, SIBO, anxiety and depression and much more!

31 Day Mindset Shifting Deck - Month 1: Live A Healthier Life Through Daily Inspo

31 Day Mindset Shifting Deck – Month 1: Live A Healthier Life Through Daily Inspo

Read new health motivation and mindset shifting quotes and inspo every day of the month to help you stay on track with your goals! Set the card for each day as the lock screen on your phone so every time you turn it on you are reminded of your goals.

FREE GUIDE: The 60 Second Gut Hack To Reduce Inflammation Fast

FREE GUIDE: The 60 Second Gut Hack To Reduce Inflammation Fast

This 60 second gut hack can help you reduce inflammation and histamine quickly and effectively! Download the free guide now to start supporting your gut and reducing the intensity of your inflammatory symptoms!

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