Marla Pietruszko BSc R.H.N.

Marla Holistic Nutritionist

Holistic Spring is located in the Niagara Region in Canada and offers both  ONLINE (Within North America) and IN-OFFICE holistic nutrition and homeopathy consultations! I have full Insurance coverage, including International online coverage as well.

My name is Marla and I am a mom of three and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with a BSc in Biological Sciences. I am also certified in Immunology (Autoimmune disease) and am a Homeopathy Practitioner. I believe that food is medicine and that your body is capable of healing itself from any disease, so long as you nourish and fuel it with the right balance of nutrients… and it all begins at the cellular level. The entire body and all its body systems are connected, so I believe in taking a whole body approach to healing, rather than just addressing one area of concern. Every single person is unique and has different needs, so I do not believe in a one size fits all approach. I believe in looking at your overall lifestyle, emotions, health, history and past traumas, genetics and habits to help you achieve optimum health in a way that is unique and suitable to YOU and YOUR LIFESTYLE.

My education from the Canadian School Of Natural Nutrition combined with my Biology Degree and homeopathy training, gives me the necessary tools to help create INDIVIDUALIZED programs to help you live a healthier life while taking into account your daily demands. Being a mom of 3, I understand the stress of a busy lifestyle and I can help you work around and WITH your daily obstacles and create a plan that is Best for YOU and your family.

Using this approach I have helped clients with: severe psoriasis, eczema, acne, leaky gut, IBS, Hashimotos, Fatigue, Inflammation, Autism, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Nutrient deficiencies, weight troubles, and much more!

I chose the name Holistic Spring, because spring represents vitality, cleansing and positive energy. A spring is also a moving body of fresh, clean and pure water which is essential for Life and Healing.


Bachelor of Science Degree in Biological Sciences

Natural Nutrition Diploma (With Merit) – Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

Immunology Certification – Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

Homeopathy Certification – Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

Member of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Alumni Association

Member of the Brock University Alumni Association

Marla is continually advancing her skills and knowledge by taking Continuing Education Workshops/seminars/courses including:

-Clinical applications Addressing Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) and its causes by Mikhael Adams, BSc ND

-Clinical Application of Phytotherapy, Oligo-Elements, Plexes and Schuessler Salts by Dr. Robert Abell, ND LAc

-Integrative Support of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) and understanding the pathophysiology of SIBO Presented by Dr. Kimberley Ramberan, ND

-UNDA Numbered Compounds: Patient Assessment, Evaluation and Practical Application” presented by Dr. Dickson Thom ND DDS

-Clinical Approaches to Neurological and Glymphatic System Health Presented by Dr. Robert Abell ND LAc

-The Integrative Effect of Probiotics on Whole Body Health by Dr. Nigel Plummer, PhD

-Gemmotherapy: Key Applications For Clinical Practice by Dr. Mikhael Adams BSc ND

-Cogence Functional Immunology (PureResponse) by Dr. Samuel Yanuck DC, FACFN, FIAMA



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