Marla Pietruszko H.D. BSc R.H.N.

Marla Holistic Nutritionist and Homeopath

Marla is a Homeopathic practitioner and Holistic Nutritionist who graduated with honours from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and The Alternative Medicine College of Canada.

With years of experience using many different holistic modalities, Marla combines the best of science and immunology with the wisdom of traditional medicine and Homeopathy. By truly listening and assessing each individual uniquely and using her intuitive nature, Marla helps to facilitate her clients’ health journey to find, address and remove the underlying causes of illness, rather than merely suppressing symptoms.

Marla resides in Niagara with her husband and four children.

Marla’s Personal health Journey

My love for Holistic Health and Natural Medicine began after I gave birth to my second son and had a hard time recovering. I experienced severe post partum depression, very low energy, psoriatic arthritis and many other issues. I had eczema for as long as I could remember (since I was 6 years old) and developed IBS and PCOS in my teens. Things really started to get bad in university with my eczema, PCOS and IBS due to a higher amount of stress and anxiety, very little sleep, a bad diet along with excessive Tylenol and Advil consumption.

It was after the birth of my second son when I suddenly developed psoriasis and Hashimotos, on top of everything. My post partum depression got worse, my energy levels dropped so low that I would faint often and get dizzy spells all the time.

I went to doctors for years for my eczema, PCOS, IBS and then, psoriasis, but did not get the help I was looking for.  My health continued to spiral out of control as time passed. I started changing my health by eating cleaner and once I was 3 months pregnant with my third, I got a surge of energy and my depression started to wind down, and it was then that I thought to my self “there must be another way!”, and that is when I went to researching natural ways to overcome Psoriasis, IBS, Hashimotos, Depression and Eczema.

I was opened up to a whole new world I never new or thought about before, Holistic Medicine. I learned that food is medicine and that all disease begins in the gut. I dove head first into holistic health and started eating up every article I could get my hands on about autoimmune conditions. My background in Science (Biology and Chemistry) gave me an extra edge in being able to understand the statistics behind all the articles I was reading. After a while of trying different supplements, diets, cleanses, therapies, etc., I found true remission, thanks to my Homeopath at the time.

I live a gluten-free, ORGANIC, whole foods lifestyle with minimal toxins and natural supplements to support my body and I can happily say I am living my best and happiest life! I no longer have IBS, painful cysts from PCOS, no more eczema and psoriasis, no more depression or illnesses! I gave birth to my third baby ( a girl) in 2017 and had no postpartum depression and my fourth in 2022 and likewise, an easy pregnancy and no depression. I realized the power of food, to either harm you or nourish you. It was at this exact moment when I decided to become a Holistic Nutritionist and Homeopath to help people find regain their health like my ptractitioner did for me. I knew this was my calling especially because of where we live… a world that is so full of toxins, fake food and synthetic chemicals.

I have devoted so much time and effort to learning about the body and Natural medicine and the importance of good nutrition, and I would be HONOURED if you would give me the chance to help you achieve your optimal health and live your best life! After all, if one does not have good health, he is poor. I have been where you are and I am here to support you in this exciting journey. I can provide you with the knowledge and resources I’ve accumulated over the years and save you years of research, trial and error and loads of money on the wrong supplements. You CAN get better, especially with my help, support and knowledge!

Wishing you true health and happiness,

Marla Pietruszko H.D. BSc R.H.N.


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