Sandra – New York

I followed Marla’s Candida Protocol for 7 weeks and my Psoriasis results are amazing!
– Emily
Psoriasis testimonial

” I have been having scalp inflammation & IBS for two years and was prescribed corticosteroids which did not help. Worked with Naturopath & Homeopath also did not help, It was a blessing to meet Marla and work on my health. Its been only over One week & my scalp inflammation is reduced, as well as with my IBS symptoms have improved. I look forward to better Health as I continue on with Marla”
– Ali – Vaughan ON

We are so grateful for so much help and support we’ve got from Marla!!! She has always been so clear and opened for if there was questions about anything and just has the heart for what she does… My child Daisy had psoriasis (still has some, but we have only with Marla for a short time and there’s already so improvement.. my child had it so bad that here whole knees, elbows, cheeks, and ears had big big rashes, bleeding and giving her so much pain and it felt like everything made her flare up…
Today they are almost all the way gone. She was grinding her teeth at night so much and that is gone, very bad breath and that is gone… we are forever grateful that Marla so graciously took us in and was so willing to help. If you are looking for any skin or stomach problems or anything gut health related Marla is the 100% way to go… don’t hesitate…

-Daisy – Canada

Marla has been an answer to prayer in every way! I have been battling health issues for 8 years, able to be controlled in the beginning through diet, but getting progressively worse over the years. I battled with severe depression, anxiety, panic attacks, cystic acne, bloating, digestive pain and cramping causing the worst pain I’ve ever felt, acid reflux that would prevent me from being able to eat anything, brain fog, joint pain, and extreme fatigue. Last fall I started to get muscular issues where I couldn’t even lift my arms over my head due to fatigue and cramping of my muscles. I was constantly stretching due to the discomfort, and it was rapidly getting worse to the point where I thought I was going to be in a wheelchair in a couple weeks time. I had pushed off getting holistic help due to financial reasons (the only one near me was $200 just for the intake and no treatment plan) and my doctors couldn’t tell me what was wrong. I found Marla through her YouTube videos, and loved and watched her for years. I finally reached out to Marla when I saw she offered services because I was desperate for help, and she got me in! I just finished my first protocol with her and I have NO MORE muscle fatigue/cramping, my mental health has been better than its ever been in my whole life, my acne is gone, no more bloating and cramping, reflux or joint pain! I would recommend Marla 1,000X over. She is so kind, knowledgeable, and helpful! I believe wholeheartedly in her approach. For the time and energy she gives you for just your consults, and then replying to any email questions you have between consults and adapting your health plan as needed, you get SO much for what you pay — nowhere is as reasonable as Marla! She wants to help people and it is so apparent! Thank you so much Marla for all you do; you definitely ARE a God-send!!

Marissa A. – Michigan

psoriasis before and after

Psoriasis before and after

Jess – United States

Here is my before and after picture, just a few months apart, of my acne
healing from Marla’s protocols.

Amber – Ontario

Acne before and after


I have been working with Marla for a couple months and initially had a thyroid nodule on my left side that was 5mm in size. After following Marla’s protocols with homeopathics, I had a 2nd ultrasound and the nodule is now 2.8mm!!!
Ahad, Saudi Arabia

I came to Marla begging for help and she had a three-month waiting list. But to my delight she still made time for me! I am forever grateful for her skills!!! She is so sweet and now 3 months later I am feeling so much better and can’t wait to be completely healed! From my experience i would recommend her to anyone with skin issues!!!
Christina, Pennsylvania

2 Week progress working with Marla Pietruszko!
E.R., Quebec
Psoriasis before after picture

“It’s only been 5 days since I started my new lifestyle with the recipes, meal prep tips and supplement protocol from Marla, but for the first time since a looooooong time i don’t feel or look as bloated or gassy nor does my stomach hurt. I can feel Marla’s love and expertise in all her recipes and recommendations. I am looking forward to begin the next phase with Marla!”
Ana – Poway, CA

psoriasis before and after

“1 month progress working to clear psoriasis! Homeopathics and immune modulators are incredible!”

M – Ontario

“I suffered with Psoriasis for 7 years and could not get relief. I found Marla through her YouTube channel and learned SO MUCH from her! I had a consultation with Marla and after just 2 weeks of following her protocol, My skin was 20% cleared! 1 month post-consultation, I am now 85% clear! I look forward to continuing my health journey under Marla’s supervision and I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone suffering with any ailments and just can’t get relief!
Mandeep – Mississauga ON

Marla is LITERALLY an answered prayer from GOD! 6 months ago I took way to many NSAIDS for a bad root canal I had … i overused the medication and unfortunately it damaged my gut and I ended up having symptoms of headaches,brain fog and fatigue that wouldn’t go away .  I’ve been working with Marla for almost 3 months now trying to re heal my gut and my headaches are pretty much GONE!! I still have work to do on my gut but Marla is very knowledgeable about the human body and she has helped herself with her own personal health problems which makes her more relatable and understanding of your situation.Shes very kind and compassionate and always willing to answer any question that you have and she is very very affordable. I recommend her 100%!!!! All Glory to GOD for sending Marla to help heal my body!!!!
Cheron – Richmond, TX

From the bottom of my heart, I wanted to thank Marla for her advice on how to heal psoriasis. The picture on the left is from today (March 2 2019) and the picture on the right is from August 2018. Marla is truly a blessing. Thank you!
Samiyah, US

I am from Richmond VA and I had to take time to write this as this might help others as well. My daughter is 20 years old and since she was a baby she has had bad eczema and once she left home to attend college it got worse along with angular chellitis ( cracks / dryness/ inflammation /pigmentation around the mouth). She went from having clear skin to breakouts as well. Being away in college and not following a good diet also contributed to aggravating her eczema and dealing with breakouts as well. She was extremely conscious of her eczema / angular chellitis as it showed and no amount of concealer helped her. She has made several dermatology visits over the years and none of them helped, the steroids they prescribed was a bandaid and not a true fix. Seeing my daughter go through this for years, I was determined to find someone who could really help her, I have done so many google searches for months to get an answer and one blessed day I came across Marla’s youtube on her own skin issues which was similar to my daughter’s I immediately made an apt with her and she has been working with my daughter by putting her on a protocol of necessary supplements which is so unique and diet recommendations which my daughter has truly embraced. It has been 6 weeks and the angular chellitis has healed 95%, zero breakouts for 6 weeks, her eczema on her skin has reduced by 50%. Marla has helped her have a complete well-being. We will continue working with Marla. She is a Godsend as one of the other reviews says. Now I truly believe the body can heal by giving the right tools and we would not know what the right tools were if not for Marla. Thank you so very much!!
Indu – Richmond, VA

Juliet – U.S.

I instantly could relate to Marla when I first heard her talk on IG live. Marla has a tremendous amount of knowledge on health and wellness.Her experience and sincerity attracted me to listen to her personal stories. She has helped a very close family member to overcome an auto immune disease which he struggled for over a year. In a short time he has recovered tremendously. I now have started working with Marla to help my circulation and improve my over all health. Thank you Marla for your endless support.
Masuma, Toronto, ON

10 day progress with dyshidrotic eczema!
Eczema hand before after picture eczema before after picture

Marla is an angel and i am INCREDIBLY grateful to be working with her on my health journey. I have seen insane results these past 5 months and I know it’ll only continue to get better from here because she is there every step of the way. I have learned so much from her and can’t thank her enough!
Alicia – United States

My brittle nails before and after working with Marla

Jess – United States

3 Week progress working with Marla on my psoriasis!
S. C. – Guelph

Marla is an absolute pleasure to work with! She is so knowledgeable and helped me with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Before coming to Marla, my joints were in excruciating pain! Now, just 3 short months later, I forget that I ever had RA to start! I still have lots of work to do with healing my gut, but I am very happy to be working under Marla’s supervision. Highly recommend!
Silvana – Grimsby, ON

Carpal boss formed almost overnight and was completely broken down and cleared 2 weeks later thanks to homeopathics!

Marla, the wonderful woman who runs Holistic Spring is not only the sweetest woman alive, she is extremely educated! She gives tons of valuable information for FREE! If you become a patient of her’s, her prices are literally the best I’ve ever found, and then she gives more by having discounted products/supplements. She is an angel sent from the heavens, doing man kind the most wonderful act of service! I highly recommend her to EVERYONE & ANYONE, including children.. hands down the best!
Tayler G., United States

3 week progress taking homeopathics for my psoriasis! AMAZING RESULTS!



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