Are you suffering with an acute condition/ailment and looking for natural relief? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you recently had a sprain, fracture, are suffering from influenza, stomach flu, insomnia, poison ivy, seasonal allergy attack, ear infection, tick bite, and any other acute conditions, homeopathy can help!

What Is Acute Prescribing?

Acute homeopathic prescribing is that part of homeopathy that addresses illnesses of abrupt onset requiring immediate attention. In homeopathic medicine, acute refers primarily to the speed of onset and self-limiting character of the disorder rather than its seriousness. Colds, influenza , sore throats, insect stings, cuts, bruises, vomiting, diarrhea, fever , muscle aches, and short-term insomnia are all examples of conditions that are treated by acute prescribing. The remedies given in acute care are intended to stimulate the body’s internal ability to heal itself; they do not kill germs or suppress symptoms. Homeopathy is a gentle, painless, holistic system of support developed during the 1790s by Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician.

If you or one of your family members needs homeopathic care urgently, this service I offer can be a great fit for you! Homeopathic treatment is meant to support the body’s natural healing abilities. If you have a truly urgent situation that requires immediate medical care please contact your doctor.


If you would like to book an appointment for homeopathic support urgently, send us an email to with the subject “URGENT FIRST AID CARE” and in the body of the email, include the symptom/condition you would like help with and we will send you an intake form and payment link. As soon as the intake form is sent back and payment is made, you will receive a video or voice memo explaining which remedy to use, how to take it, store it, dose it, etc! This type of consulting is FAST and the remedy and information will typically be shared within a matter of hours, helping you to get relief ASAP.


Each acute condition will require a separate session. Each session includes intake assessment, remedy recommendation and video or voice memo through signal app explaining everything you need to know about the remedy and how to use it. Acute homeopathic care should not require follow ups, however if for some reason a follow up is needed, the session price will be charged again.

$75 per session for both children and adults

*Prices subject to change without notice. Pricing in CAD for Canadian clients and USD for US clients*