Genomic Nutritional Protocol

Holistic Spring offers Genetic interpretation from Ancestry® or 23andMe® .

We provide our clients with tools, information, and education to help them understand their genetics and how their body functions. We create a personalized nutritional and lifestyle program based on their individuals SNPS to ensure the proper functioning of their body.

If you have already had genetic testing done, we interpret those results to create an action plan for you. Whether that is improved detoxification, re-balancing of nutrient deficiencies, poor methylation, etc. we got you covered! if you are interested in understanding your genetics and how they affect your body’s ability to function, we require that you get genetic testing done through 23andMe or Ancestry.

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What is Nutrigenomics? It is a branch of science that uses cutting-edge genomics technology to study the link between our genes, nutrition, and health. This information allows us to develop personalized strategies for optimal health.

What are Traits? Traits are specific characteristics like eye color, blood type, or the ability to tolerate lactose that are based on an individual’s unique genetic variations (SNPs), as well as environmental factors.

Within your DNA is a roadmap to achieving optimal health and wellness. Genetic testing can help you and your practitioner better understand your genetic makeup and its impact on your health. However, sorting through pages of genetic data requires a skilled eye and may take hours to interpret.

What is Pure genomics? PureGenomics® is a platform combining educational tools, protocols, core products, and E-script—our electronic prescription service— with, our dynamic, website application. is designed to help easily translate, identify and address common genetic variations known as Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs).

What are SNPs? Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) are common genetic variations that explain many of the differences among individuals. Knowing which SNPs you carry enables your practitioner to more effectively treat you and your individual health needs. While over 10 million SNPs are known, only a few have clinical significance.

PureGenomics® identifies SNPs that are relevant to  health, well-researched, and responsive to nutritional support.
By providing concise reports with supplement recommendations, PureGenomics® allows your practitioner to provide specialized nutritional support based on your genetic makeup.


$350 for the initial session to analyze the genetic reports and data and create a protocol for the client. Follow up sessions are $150 if one is needed.


-A personalized nutrigenomics report: A blueprint to help guide your wellness journey.

-A customized plan of care

-Nutritional and lifestyle recommendations based on your unique genetic needs

-Nutritional supplement recommendations from Pure Encapsulations to support your needs


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