The Leaky Gut Protocol

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Chronic disease, skin conditions, anxiety and depression, digestive issues… these are just the beginning of what you may experience when you have leaky gut and chronic inflammation.

The Leaky Gut Protocol is your 3-step guide to reseal the gut lining and reverse your symptoms forever. This eBook is a complete program that walks you through a fully explained regime to help seal your leaky gut permanently. It equips you with all the tools necessary to take back your health! This book is meant to come after you’ve completed my ‘Seasonal Candida and Parasite Cleanse’ eBook.

Re-seal your leaky gut with:

    • Delicious and nourishing printable gut-friendly recipes
    • A full supplement protocol with homeopathics, herbs and nutrients
    • All the information you need on leaky gut, signs and symptoms, tests for leaky gut and so much more!
    • Full list of foods to eat and avoid during all the phases

You don’t have to live with pain and uncomfortable symptoms! Re-balance your body effectively and naturally with The Leaky gut Protocol!

About the Author:
Marla Pietruszko is a trusted voice in holistic health and wellness who works with clients worldwide to help them regain their health and their lives. Marla has a degree in Biological Sciences, is a registered Holistic Nutritionist and is certified in Homeopathy and Immunology. She is a mom of 3, Youtuber (Happy Holistic life) and had her own struggles with 3 Autoimmune disorders which she was able to reverse naturally.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there substitutes for the supplements if we cannot find the same brand recommended in the book?

YES! I included alternatives and other recommendations so that everyone can use the book and follow the protocol regardless where they are.

2. Is this book suitable for vegans?

Many of the supplements and recipes contain animal products

3. Does this book include a meal-plan?

The book includes a few specific and delicious recipes for each phase of the protocol to give you examples of the types of ingredients you want to be consuming.

4. Does this book include homeopathics?

The book does not include homeopathics, however it includes phyto-gens which is a branch of homeopathy.

5. Can we start with re-sealing the gut or do we need to do the candida cleanse first?

Ideally, you want to complete my ‘Seasonal candida and Parasite Cleanse’ eBook first before moving onto the gut-sealing phase for best results.

6. How long will it take on average to fix my leaky gut?

That is impossible to answer as everyone is different and has different degrees of inflammation, toxicity, bacterial imbalance and damage to the gut lining.

7. Is it possible to re-seal the gut lining without any supplementation?

Well let me ask you this… can you repair a car without tools? Can you sew torn up clothes without a needle and thread? The answer is NO! Your body needs a flood of specific nutrients and supplements to help it the sealing process.

8.  What diet do you recommend for fixing leaky gut?

Everything you need to know about diet for each phase of the leaky gut protocol is all discussed in depth in the book

9.  Does this eBook include all the required steps to re-seal my gut lining?


10.  Does it include what tests are required to determine if you have leaky gut?

I share a list of the most popular tests and what they look for, how they work and how effective they are!



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  1. Lee

    Loving this book so much! Thank you Marla. it is exactly what I needed to help improve my digestion

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