The Four Seasons of A Woman’s Cycle: The Complete Guide to Learning About Female Hormones & How to Restore Natural Hormonal Balance Throughout The Entire Body




To be hormonal is to be alive! 

Are you tired of gaining weight, feeling exhausted, losing your hair, having acne, sleeping poorly, having hot flashes, difficulty achieving pregnancy, etc? We all think this is a normal part of life for us women and that having the hot flashes and bone density loss during menopause is “normal”. Or that having hair thinning or extremely painful periods is “normal” during our fertile years. Or that our fertility issues means we were dealt a bad hand and there is nothing we can do!

These symptoms and conditions are NOT normal and there is a solution! In this course The Four Seasons of a Woman’s Cycle, you will learn how to rebalance the body hormonally by addressing the root causes. It teaches you the ins and outs of infertility, PCOS< menopause, hirsutism, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, clotting, painful periods, cystic acne, hair thinning, difficulty losing weight and so much more! it explains how these conditions are interconnected with all our hormones and what is out of balance when we experience these symptoms.

You will also learn about common toxins and factors that negatively affect your hormones and fertility as well as the importance of the circadian rhythm, thyroid, adrenals, and much much more!

In this 164 page eBook course, you’ll find:

  • What the different female hormones are and how they work: understanding how all the hormones in the body work together to create a beautiful symphony within the body
  • Common endocrine disorders for women: Learn about the common hormonal conditions plaguing women today ranging from PCOS, endometriosis, infertility and beyond.
  • Estrogen imbalances and its impact: Learn about the different hormone detox pathways and how they work and what happens when they are working improperly
  • Circadian rhythm and its importance:  Learn how to work WITH not AGAINST your internal clock for optimal metabolic health
  • Xenoestrogens and endocrine disrupters: Learn about the different toxins in our environment AND how they impact us and how to avoid them.
  • The 4 seasons of a women’s cycle: Learn about the 4 hormonal fluctuations within the female cycle and how these hormones shift throughout our life. 
  • Cycle syncing methods: learn how to regulate your cycle naturally without birth control!
  • Effects of hormonal birth control: Understanding how hormonal birth control affects our bodies and learning how to practice natural methods for fertility planning
  • Foods and supplements to support each cycle phase: Learning how to fuel your body with t he RIGHT foods for optimal health
  • Supplements for hormonal imbalances: Learning which supplements are needed to support each hormone and pathway in the body
  • Pregnancy nutrition and guidelines: Learn how to support your body during pregnancy for the health of you and your baby!
  • How to get through Menopause effortlessly: Learn how to navigate peri-menopause and menopause with ease and without all the common symptoms of hot flashes, vaginal dryness, low libido, dull hair, low energy, constipation, etc!
  • How to Boost Your Metabolism Naturally: Learn how to kickstart your metabolic system so that is working for YOU!
  • Organotherapy for hormones: Learn about natural alternatives top stimulate hormone production!
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Get all the MOST ASKED questions answered !
  • And much more!

This course is an invitation to get you to learn about how powerful the female body is and how we can truly support our body when we are doing the right things!


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