Seasonal Candida & Parasite Cleanse

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Skin issues, digestive discomfort, irritability, hormonal imbalances… these are not just ‘something you have to live with’! You CAN feel like a million bucks at ANY age so long as you fuel your body correctly with the right foods and supplements and ensure your elimination pathways are open and working correctly.

The Seasonal Candida and Parasite Cleanse is your guide to eliminating candida and parasites naturally, using a combination of homeopathics and herbs. Following this guide can help you to eradicate those frustrating pains and discomforts you experience daily by working on cleaning out the digestive system. This is a 30-day program with over 50 delicious, simple, gluten-free, low carb and sugar-free recipes. The Seasonal Candida and Parasite Cleanse will help to keep you healthy and your body in balance all year long!

Cleanse candida from your system permanently, with:

  • 50+ printable gluten-free, sugar-free, low-carb recipes
  • A full supplement protocol with homeopathics, herbs and nutrients
  • All the information you need on Candida and parasites, signs and symptoms, and so much more!
  • Full list of foods to eat and avoid
  • Customized printable templates to help keep you on track
  • pH food chart

You don’t have to live with pain and uncomfortable symptoms! Re-balance your body effectively and naturally with The Seasonal Candida and Parasite Cleanse!

About the Author:
Marla Pietruszko is a trusted voice in holistic health and wellness who works with clients worldwide to help them regain their health and their lives. Marla has a degree in Biological Sciences, is a registered Holistic Nutritionist and is certified in Homeopathy and Immunology. She is a mom of 3, Youtuber (Happy Holistic life) and had her own struggles with 3 Autoimmune disorders which she was able to reverse naturally.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there substitutes for the supplements if we cannot find the same brand recommended in the book?

YES! I included alternatives and other recommendations so that everyone can use the book and follow the protocol regardless where they are.

2. Is this book suitable for vegans?

The supplement protocol is Vegan friendly as are many of the recipes. However, it is not created specifically for Vegans so there are recipes that contain animals products.

3. Does this book include liver and kidney support?

YES! The difference with this Candida and Parasite protocol and all the rest our there is that there is liver/kidney drainage included to help minimize the die-off symptoms one would experience otherwise.

4. Does this book include homeopathics?

The protocol includes a couple homeopathics (antifungal and drainers) to support your body.

9 reviews for Seasonal Candida & Parasite Cleanse

  1. kidus tsegaye

    I like what the book is telling us and every supplement and every ingredient is working properly I really love this book! Read
    it and do something its about our health be fast!

  2. Peter

    Love the recipes and the templates at the end of the book!

  3. Sarah K.

    The recipes are SO delicious and I love how she laid out the supplement regime ! It’s so easy to follow and she gave substitutes for the harder-to-find supplements! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  4. Mila

    The recipes are so easy but taste amazing! I am impressed at how simple it is to make healthy and clean desserts that taste so good. I love how the supplement protocol includes some homeopathics. definitely glad I have this resource.

  5. Shaun

    GET THIS BOOK. YOU WILL LOVE HAVING THIS RESOURCE ON HAND. Plus, the meals are delicious. I’ve made so many already and they all taste great! I’ve cut out sugar and I am not missing it because the dessert recipes are so good. This book needs to be published it is awesome.👍

  6. Maria Z.

    100% the best candida and parasite cleanse guide I have every purchased! Most cleanses are just for candida and don’t include liver support to prevent a healing crisis. This book gives you everything you need plus super good recipes. Marla made this cleanse too easy for us. Definitely get yourself a copy.

  7. M.Maheo (verified owner)

    This is the first ever ebook that I’ve ever purchased. I love how the daily supplement regime has been laid out, makes it super easy to follow. Thank you for writing this book.

  8. Laurel (verified owner)

    Love this book! It got me through some rough health times in my life and I use the recipes daily.

  9. Laurel (verified owner)

    Love this book! It got me through some very tough health times and the recipes are delicious! I make them weekly. My only regret is not buying it sooner!

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