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60 second gut hack guide

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Healing a leaky and inflamed gut needs to be addressed at the ROOT CAUSE or you will be unsuccessful at reversing your health issues long term and will keep getting recurring flares/symptoms. I walk you step by step through the correct process to support and heal your gut naturally and effectively!


The ins and outs of the immune system & detox pathways of the body

You can’t lower whole body inflammation and fix the gut without repairing/regulating the immune system, the most important system to keep pathogens and inflammation/histamine low in the body. You also can’t have optimal gut health without having optimal detoxification. I give you the basics so you can take your healing to the next level!

Understanding how the Vagal Nerve & Parasympathetic NS affect our gut  


Our vagal nerve and PSNS are the systems that keep out gut functioning optimally and correctly. When these system are dysregulated, our entire digestive system is negatively impacted and our liver, kidneys, immune system and mental health suffer as a result! 

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