Laser Therapy

I offer laser therapy for local clients who are needing help with scarring, improving blood circulation, tissue regeneration, sports injuries, pain-relief and who suffer from blockages, skin conditions (eczema, acne, psoriasis) and much more!

I use the CEPES-laser which uses a combination of red light, pulsating electromagnetic field, and substrate transfer.


I charge $20 for a laser session as an add-on to a Nutritional Consultation. If you wish to receive just the laser therapy, I charge $30 for a session.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the magnetic field therapy is scientifically disputed and not recognized by the conventional medicine.

The CEPES-LaserĀ® is not a medical device according to the Medicinal Devices Act. The CEPES-LaserĀ® can only affect positively your ability to regulation. It does not serve to treat or cure diseases.