TH17 & Autoimmunity

You probably have heard by now about the relationship between Th2 dominance and autoimmune disease. You may have also heard that too much inflammation leads to autoimmune disorders. But how does inflammation trigger tissue destruction? This article explains a bit about how the different parts of the immune system play a role in developing a chronic inflammatory condition and how imbalance within the immune system can lead to tissue destruction.  Continue reading “TH17 & Autoimmunity”

Advanced Glycation End Products – What You Need To know


Chronic inflammation is a pandemic that is affecting most the North American population (in my opinion). 1 in 2 people will have cancer, autoimmune disease is the highest it has ever been and continues to climb, diabetes, digestive issues, Lyme disease, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia… these are all increasing rapidly as well. Continue reading “Advanced Glycation End Products – What You Need To know”

Essential Oils 101: Getting Started on Your Oil Journey

This blog post will help guide you into beginning your essential oil journey and also answer some of those questions you probably have bouncing around in your head such as: What is the best brand of essential oils? Dow do you know if they are pure and good quality? How do I start using them? How do I create an account to get the oils at wholesale price? Continue reading “Essential Oils 101: Getting Started on Your Oil Journey”

How To Do a Vitamin C Flush & Why You Should

Vitamin C

You always hear everyone talk about Vitamin C and its importance when you are sick for boosting your immune system. We all know Vitamin C is good for us but we don’t really know why or how! So below are few amazing benefits of Vitamin C and some of it’s ideal forms. I also go into detail on how to do a C-flush to help detoxify all sorts of toxins from the body. Continue reading “How To Do a Vitamin C Flush & Why You Should”