How To test Your Salt For Plastic

A study published in Environmental Science and Technology (was also on National Geographic) revealed that 90% of commercial salt brands tested from around the world were contaminated with plastics!! Expensive sea salt brands does not mean lower chance of contamination either! Depending on the brand and the country the salt came from, the contamination may be rather serious. Continue reading “How To test Your Salt For Plastic”

Tips for Preparing Kale

I hear too often from people that they just can’t seem to enjoy Kale ! It’s too tough, takes too long to chew, doesnt taste good, etc! And let me tell you… I HEAR YA!! Kale isn’t one of my favourite veggies because of how fibrous it is, but if you handle it a certain way, you can make it taste quite good. Here are my tips for how to make your Kale enjoyable and tasty:

Continue reading “Tips for Preparing Kale”

Supplements Everyone Should Have In their Medicine Cupboard

There are thousands of supplements on the market and even more influencers, doctors and health professionals telling you all of them are needed to be healthy. It can get overwhelming determining what are essential and what are not needed. This article is going to break down what I believe is essential and necessary to have on hand in case of acute common ailments. Continue reading “Supplements Everyone Should Have In their Medicine Cupboard”