Frequently Asked Questions From Clients

Frequently Asked Questions From Clients

Can I mix the UNDA Numbers together?

Do not mix the UNDA #s together. They are meant to be taken 1 after the other, directly under the tongue. Ideally, in ascending order (the smallest number first). You want to hold each remedy under the tongue for 30s before swallowing and moving to the next remedy. 

Can I add water to the UNDA numbers and other homeopathics? They burn my tongue.

Homeopathics are alcohol based so they can sting a bit when placed directly under the tongue. You can add a bit of water under your tongue with the UNDA drops however, make sure you still hold the mixture under your tongue for 30-60 seconds.

When should I take cod liver oil?

It should be taken with food and Ideally with the meals that you take enzymes at to ensure you’re absorbing and digesting it well.

Can I have sweet potato and/or Cassava on the candida cleanse?

You should avoid any foods that taste sweet. Also, you want to make sure you’re avoiding starchy carbs such as white rice, oats, gluten, tapioca starch, corn etc. Cassava is still high in carbs so it should also be avoided or at least just eaten in small amounts. 

Should I stop the Homeopathic remedies while on antibiotics?

NO! Homeopathics do not interfere with antibiotics and they can help to minimize the damage caused by the antibiotics. Definitely stay on them. Make sure to do probiotics during the antibiotic treatment course as well as after to replenish!

When is the best time to take probiotics?

Probiotics should be taken with meals unless otherwise stated on the bottle. I like taking them 5-10 minutes before any meals with a bit of water. If you’re taking a high dose, split it up between 2 meals (half AM and PM).

What is the best vegan protein powder?

Nuzest Clean Lean Protein is the best! It is smooth and creamy and not chalky. You code marlashealthylife for 15% OFF!

Should I restart my homeopathic protocol if I fell off the wagon and was inconsistent? 

No you should not. You should just pick up where you left off and still move to the next phase. The only time you wan to repeat it is if you only took them for a week or so then stopped completely. If you have made your way through one or 2 rounds of the supplements then just continue and move to the next phase.

Do I need both collagen and gelatin?

It depends on what your goals are. If you have major digestive issues, gelatin is the better option for the gut. If you have joint issues or slow hair or nail growth, collagen is best. You can take both if you like also.

How many follow ups will I need?

It is impossible to know how many protocols you will need to achieve homeostasis as every person is completely different and unique. We keep going through protocols and adjusting them as needed until your body is back in balance. You can stop doing follow ups at any time however, it is recommended that you don’t stop prematurely for best results

Liposomal Vitamin C from LivOn Labs Contains Soy. is this an issue?

Soy lecithin shouldn’t be an issue (it’s actually very good for you) because it is a component within soy that is also within sunflowers, etc. It is the same idea as B-vitamins being present in nuts  and leafy green vegetables. It is a compound that is found in many plants. However, if you’re nervous about it, you can use Pure Encapsulations Liposomal Vitamin C liquid instead. It has sunflower lecithin instead of soy lecithin 🙂

How will I know when Candida overgrowth is balanced out?

There are certain signs that lets me know if it back in balance. Usually the elimination of your symptoms is a good indicator. Muscle testing can also be used to determine the degree of overgrowth or lack thereof.

Are Xrays bad? Should I get them done?

Xray exposure damages your cells and your body’s ability to detoxify. Try to avoid them as much as possible unless absolutely needed.

 Do I need to fill out the NSP form each follow up?

Yes, It helps me gauge your progress

What foods should I be avoiding during the candida phase?

You should avoid any foods that taste sweet. Also, you want to make sure you’re avoiding starchy carbs such as white rice, oats, gluten, tapioca starch, corn etc. For more in depth information on candida cleansing, please see my eBook.

Is aloe vera Gel or juice better? Also which brand is best?

Many brands add carrageenan, sodium benzoate or some other preservatives to their aloe products. Because of this, the brand isn’t important as long as you are able to find one with clean ingredients. Georges Aloe from amazon is good. Gel is best for leaky gut however sometimes it is harder to come across in which case, the juice is just fine. The inner leaf or whole ;leaf are both equally as good.

What foods should I avoid if I have autoimmune?

Nightshades, peanuts, pork, beef, gluten, dairy, sugar, corn, soy, eggs, shellfish, hydrogenated oils, modified ingredients

What are some natural remedies for period cramps?

Try doing 1500mg magnesium and 500mg calcium every 3-4 hours during your period to help relax the uterine muscles. i also recommend rubbing Panaway young living essential oil on the abdomen and taking hot epsom salt baths with lavender essential oil. If you can’t do baths, try doing hot water bags.

How many carbs/day can I eat during the candida cleanse?

Ideally 1-2 servings/day maximum. A good rule of thumb is 1 -2 servings of carbs  the size of your palm. Example, a serving of low GI fruits in your smoothie for breakfast and a serving (your palm size) of cooked quinoa at lunch. Typically, that amounts to be about 50g of carbs.

What cooking oils are OK to consume and which aren’t?

Good oils to use are coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, tigernut oil (don’t heat this one), sesame oil (has to be organic), and grassfed ghee. Oils to avoid are all vegetable oils, canola oil, soybean oil, hydrogenated oils, peanut oil, margarine, and shortenings.

Will the homeopathics cause any negative symptoms?

Homeopathics are proven to be 100% safe and side effect free. We give them to newborns and pregnant women because of their safety. You should not get a reaction when on homeopathics. However, if you are on homeopathic antifungals, you may experience a die off reaction which is coming from your body’s inability to detoxify, not from the homeopathic itself.

Can I be allergic to homeopathics?

UNDA numbers are made using organic beet alcohol. It is highly unlikely to have an allergic reaction from homeopathics unless you are allergic to alcohol (ethanol)

How long should each protocol last?

You want to continue each protocol for approximately 8 weeks, unless otherwise stated.

Do I need to buy all the supplements on the supplement sheet?

When I create protocols, I create them with specific supplements that work TOGETHER to bring balance in the body. If some supplements are left out, it can create a further imbalance in the body and lead to more health issues. I never include supplements that aren’t 100% needed for that protocol. If I do include supplements that do not have to be taken, I will label them as ‘optional’.

Can I take other supplements I have at home while on your protocol?

Yes, homeopathics do not have interactions with other supplements so you can add your own supplements to the protocol. However, sometimes the body is in a very strained state and it is not a good idea to bombard it with supplements that it has to breakdown and utilize. If you’re unsure, make sure to bring up this question during our consult.

I have been having a lot of stress and anxiety, what is the best supplement to take?

Genestra Astragalus combination #1 is AMAZING to help reduce the stress chemistry in the body and therefor reduce inflammation from stress. I suggest taking 50 drops 3x/day in water with meals. If you have extreme anxiety, Kava Kava or Holy Basil supplement is recommended with astragalus. You can use any brand and follow the bottle dosing.

What is a good multivitamin to take?

I recommend Genestra GLYforte which can be purchased on This is a great glanduar multi and helps to give energy and support the adrenals.

If you have difficulty swallowing tablets, Genestra Liquid Vite Min is a good liquid multi vitamin and mineral supplement which can also be purchased from

If you are vegan, Whole Earth has a wonderful women’s and mens multivitamin that is made form organic whole foods. We do not sell this one on

What is the best greens powder?

I love Progressive Vege greens for a good burst of nutrition. If you are looking to have a binder for toxins, I highly recommend organic cracked cell chlorella powder. Any brand will work as long as it is organic and has been tested for heavy metals.

What enzymes should I take and when to prevent gas/bloating?

We discuss enzymes during our consults however, if you have gas and bloating shortly after meals you most likely have an underactive stomach. I suggest taking Betaine HCl (any brand is OK) during your meal (follow bottle dosage) and Genestra Pancreatin or digest plus 20 minutes BEFORE your meal for best digestion. If you do not have  a gallbladder or are experiencing nausea after meals, supplement with Douglas Labs Bilex 20 minutes before meals also. These enzymes (except HCl) can be purchased from

I have dark circles under my eyes. What does this mean?

Dark circles usually suggest kidney toxicity. if you have puffiness, it could be lack of protein, food sensitivities or poor circulation.

Should I take a preworkout?

You can absolutely take a pre-workout if needed. BCAAs From Pure Encapsulation or Garden of Life Vegan pre-workout are my top recommendations. your body uses amino acids for almost every process in the body so there is nothing wrong with getting plenty in your diet!

What is the best probiotic and how much should I take?

Everyone is different and the amount is usually suggested in your protocol.s Typically during the initial stages, you want to do anywhere between 100 to 250 billion cfu daily. Once candida is cleared a bit, you want to increase to 500 billion cfu daily. After remaining at that high dose for a while, you can drop the dosage back down to a maintenance dose of 25-50 billion cfu daily.

I randomnly broke out into a huge rash. Should I take steroids?

I cannot give medical advice and cannot go against your doctors suggestions. However, regardless whether or not you take steroids, it is always a good idea to take antihistamines, antioxidants and binders during a flare. I suggest Rutin, liposomal Vitamin C, Amino NAC or glutathione, probiotics and Chlorella or charcoal powder. 

My urine is a neon yellow ever since taking the supplements. Is this bad?

Brightly coloured urine is normal whenever taking vitamin C or Bvitamins. It is the excess unabsorbed nutrients leaving your urine and is perfectly normal!

I’ve been following the diet and protocols for a little while but am not feeling better yet. When Can I start to see improvement?

Everyone is different and will improve and rebalance at different rates. the older you are and more toxicity you have means it will take longer. If you have certain gene mutations, it means you detoxify at a much slower rate as well. This journey is not a race. Your body will slowly come back into balance but it takes time and patience.

If I have a cheat meal once in a  while, will it hinder my progress?

YES. Initially if you were eating very unhealthy and just started to have a healthier lifestyle, cheat meals may be necessary temporarily to keep you on track while you are still having cravings. However, if you want to fully reverse your conditions, you NEED to go several months, if not longer, without eating ANY of the trigger foods (gluten, dairy, sugar, etc) . It can take up to 6 weeks for your body to reduce inflammation after eating a food you are sensitive to. You cannot fully improve if you are having cheat meals. Imagine if you kept picking a scab, or breaking the same bone over and over…. it would never heal! Same things goes with your body!

Can I have coffee while on these protocols?

Coffee isn’t considered a healthy drink in my opinion. It acidifies the body, pushes essential minerals out, strains the adrenals and weakens the immune system while raising cortisol levels in the body. I highly recommending it at all costs if possible especially when on homeopathics to get the best results. if you are addicted to coffee, just slowly reduce the consumption and try drinking cold brew so it is less acidic. Don’t rush to stopping it cold turkey or you will have extreme cravings. Reduce your consumption in a healthy and sustainable way. 

Should I be on fish oil?

YES! cod liver oil is essential for balancing TH1 and TH2 immunity int he body, aka, keeping inflammation down. Always take it with an antioxidant such as Amino NAC or glutathione or blueberry extract, etc. If you have brain inflammation or disorders, you want a fish oil higher in DHA.

I have a hard time timing all the supplements. What can I do?

All homeopathics (UNDA #s, Gemmotherapies, Plex remedies, Gammadyns and tissues salts) can be taken at the same time, 1 after the other. You want to hold all the remedies under the tongue for 30-60 seconds before taking the next one, but they can all be taken at the same time. Some remedies are 3x/day and a=some are once or twice. You don’t have to take them equally spread out (aka breakfast lunch and dinner). You can take them twice in the morning and once before bed if that is the on;y time you have. 

Can I mix chlorella with my lemon water?

You can take chlorella and lemon water together however if the lemon water is HOT, don’t mix the chlorella. It’s best to use warm lemon water so that you don’t destroy the properties in the raw chlorella powder. You can also mix aloe with this as well or drink each item separately but 1 after the other. 

When is the best time to take chlorella?

First thing upon waking or right before bed, 30 minutes before food or 3 hours after. 

Is it OK to Have Vinegars on the candida diet?

Apple cider vinegar is the only vinegar you can consume  on the candida diet however, eating things like mustard that do contain a bit of vinegar in them is OK in small amounts. 

Should I get an IgG and IgE test done? If so, where do I get this test?

If you have lost oral tolerance and react to several different foods, ti may be a good idea to get the test done to see what your trigger foods are. You can order the test online or go through an ND. I suggest trying to go through an ND as their testing is much more in depth, however, if that is not an option, you can purchase on online test from MANY different companies (you can google them). Once company I use sometimes is and they have the PRIME110 test that tests for some food sand non-foods.