KETO Chocolate Mint Smoothie

Smoothies are one of the best ways, in my opinion, to get LOADS of nutrients at one time while being gentle on your digestive system. Smoothies are pre-broken down (aka pre-chewed) and therefor require very little effort on our digestive system to break them down and absorb all the amazing nutrients in them. It’s why I drink a smoothie EVERY DAY! Continue reading “CANDIDA & KETO FRIENDLY CHOCOLATE MINT SMOOTHIE”

Healthy Gut-healing Watermelon Basil Freezies

In our house, summer hasn’t officially begun until we start making homemade popsicles and freezies! Are you with me!? We don’t ever eat your regular freezies filled with food dyes and toxic, cancer-causing ingredients. Instead, we make our own gut-healing, probiotic, anti-inflammatory, nutritious freezies at home with just a few simple ingredients. Continue reading “Healthy Gut-healing Watermelon Basil Freezies”