How to Keep Children’s Microflora in Balance Naturally

Healthy Children

Being a mom of 3, I know how hard to is to make sure your child’s microbiome is in perfect balance at all times. Everyone wants to give your children candy, there are ice-cream shops on every corner, frequent school pizza parties and birthday parties, etc etc. Its literally IMPOSSIBLE to make sure they don’t touch sugar. I also think it’s not healthy to be so restrictive with children, in my opinion, because it can lead to them having a bad/unhealthy relationship with food when they grow up. Continue reading “How to Keep Children’s Microflora in Balance Naturally”

6 Tips to Ensure Good Digestion in Children

Tips to improve children's digestion

Children are increasingly developing digestive issues that were once very rare and usually only seen adults. Conditions like bloating, gas, constipation, loose stools, and even eczema, ADHD, and Autism! The state of our health is determined the moment children begin to eat (it actually begins in utero). What we feed them and how they eat is CRUCIAL for determining how their health will be as they grow in adults. Continue reading “6 Tips to Ensure Good Digestion in Children”