Juicer-Free Immune Building Green Juice Recipe

green juice

Do you wish you could drink all the green juice like everyone else but you don’t have a juicer at home and don’t want to spend $6 for a tiny bottle at the store? Don’t worry, I got you covered! This immune building green juice only requires  a blender and it tastes just as delicious! Feel free to add or subtract any ingredients form this recipe to make it your own! Continue reading “Juicer-Free Immune Building Green Juice Recipe”


Ginger is extremely anti-inflammatory and stimulates your liver to secrete enzymes and your stomach to secrete gastric juices to aid digestion. It also encourages the liver to detoxify toxins and excess hormones from the body. It is an incredible super-food in my opinion and can really improve digestion especially if you experience bloating and gas, stomach distension, Continue reading “EASY AND DELICIOUS JUICER-FREE GINGER SHOTS”