Tips for Preparing Kale

I hear too often from people that they just can’t seem to enjoy Kale ! It’s too tough, takes too long to chew, doesnt taste good, etc! And let me tell you… I HEAR YA!! Kale isn’t one of my favourite veggies because of how fibrous it is, but if you handle it a certain way, you can make it taste quite good. Here are my tips for how to make your Kale enjoyable and tasty:


  • That’s right, show your Kale some love by finely chopping it then massaging it for 10 minutes with some olive oil, sea salt and your hands. This helps to soften it and makes it WAY easier to chew! I make my kids do it because I hate doing it and they think it’s a fun game! Win, Win!

STEP 2: Season it right.

  • I always use lemon, olive, salt and pep, raw honey, slivered almonds, strawberries and sometimes poppy seeds to flavour my Kale! Kale is quite bitter and bland so adding sour and sweet ingredients to it makes it SO YUM! 


  • I know I know…Soggy salad is NASTY, but not kale salad! Mix it up with the dressing 30 minutes before dinner and you will have a MUCH tastier salad that isn’t tough and flavorless!

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