Sugar Free Chocolate Ice Cream

Ice Cream is its own food group for me… I love it so much! Being gluten free, refined sugar free, and only consuming grass-fed dairy means I need to make my own Ice Cream most the time to satisfy my sweet tooth. While there are SO many clean brands of Ice Cream that I love, it can get expensive to purchase frequently since I have 3 hungry monsters (little toddlers), plus myself and my husband, living in my home.

This “Icecream” is candida diet friendly, gut healing, sugar-free, and made with VEGGIES! It’s a total winner with my family, perfect to satisfy those sweet cravings!


  • 2 heaping cups of frozen spinach (you won’t taste it, I promise)
  • 1 cup frozen cauliflower or frozen banana
  • Hardened part of 1 can full fat coconut milk
  • 3 heaping tbs peanut butter or raw cashew butter
  • 3 scoops Ancient Nutrition Keto Cocoa Collagen
  • 2 tbs yacon syrup (optional)


  1. Blend ingredients on high in food processor until smooth and creamy
  2. ENJOY right away! 

5 Replies to “Sugar Free Chocolate Ice Cream”

  1. What!!! I never knew you had this recipe on your blog!! Ice cream is one of the things I miss the most since cutting out sugar and processed foods 😱 And Candida friendly??? This just made my day!!

  2. Ice Cream is my guilty pleasure, this sounds delicious. Thanks for continuing to post Candida friendly recipes, I am in research mode to gather enough recipes to get started.

    1. It is mine too! I have an ebook dedicated to just candida-friendly recipes that are DELICIOUS if your interested under the ebooks tab of my website.

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