Biotherapeutic Drainage: Why You Need Homeopathy To Effectively Re-balance Your Body

Majority of people aren’t aware of drainage therapy. We hear a lot about detoxing but they are two very different things. DRAINAGE should come BEFORE detoxing.

We live in an industrialized world and are exposed to a variety of harmful chemicals in the air we breathe, the food and drink we consumes, the surfaces we touch and the products (beauty, household, etc) we use as well as the medications we take and more. It is not a question of whether or not we are toxic, but a question of HOW TOXIC. This isn’t news though! If you ask any of the climate change advocates out there what is causing climate change, they will all say the toxins that are being created !

There are over 80,000 chemicals registered by the Environmental Protection Agency, 38,000 of which are “high-use” chemicals. Of these “high-use” chemicals, less than half of them have been assessed for toxic effects in humans. less than 9% of these chemicals have been assessed for toxic effect on children.

A Neonatal toxicity study that was completed by the Environmental Working Group in 2005 randomly tested the umbilical cord blood from 10 babies. 287 chemicals were found and each baby averaged approximately 200 known toxins. these chemicals included pesticides, consumer product ingredients, wastes from coal burning, gasoline and garbage. 180 of these chemicals are known to cause cancer in humans or animals, 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system and 208 cause birth defects or abnormal development in animal tests.

Understanding that toxins are everywhere and in everyone is the first step to improving your health and the health of future generations.
So how do we remove these toxins from our body? Drainage therapy!
Drainage is a system that effectively accomplishes detoxification and deputation with little if any aggravation, mainly using homeopathic remedies. I use Bio-therapeutic drainage in my practice to effectively manage a full range of health concerns from acute colds and infections to chronic diseases such as allergies, asthma, lupus, psoriasis, IBD, IBS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes, PCOS and much more!

Drainage therapy uses a unique combination of homeopathic formulas that have been used since the 1930s. They are an extremely safe and effective method of detoxification and elimination at the cellular level. They respect the body’s capacity to dislodge, remove, process and excrete toxins without overburdening the body. Homeopathic drainage remedy compounds are unique in that they combine dilute forms of plants and minerals which create a dual action: the plants guide the remedy to the appropriate organ system and the minerals are co-factors for enzymes of that organ.
These drainage remedies are unique and superior to traditional detoxification remedies because they respect the body and do not push it beyond its limits. They are deep acting and incredibly safe to use.

What is drainage? Drainage is the process of recognition, neutralization and removal of toxic compounds, natural and unnatural, from the body by opening the emunctories (liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, mucous membranes) and then discharging the toxic accumulations.

What is detoxification? an external force that can be aggressive to the body and force it beyond its physiological limits. Examples of detoxification therapies are IV chelation and oral laxatives as well as juice cleanses and herbs. there is a role for detoxification when there is extreme toxicity, but care must be taken to not deplete the body of nutrients and minerals.
The liver and kidneys are most important organs to drain as they dela with the most toxicity and abuse from medications, alcohols, bad foods, stress and more. If your organs cannot properly drain, you can experience pretty much any symptom you can think of especially skin issues, lung conditions, hormonal imbalances, gout, sinus issues, congestion, gut issues and more. It is so important to first DRAIN to open the body’s drainage pathways THAN start detoxing so the toxins you are pulling up from the detox can actually LEAVE the body efficiently.

Drainage therapy – Analogy: Imagine for many many years you were dumping lots of food and grease down your kitchen sink drain. eventually it would clog and water will start sitting and filling up the sink rather than running down the drain. if you don’t unclog the drain, water will keep filling up every time you turn on the tap and eventually your sink will overflow. You FIRST need to unclog your kitchen sink drain and clear out the gunk THEN you can start using your water again. Our bodies are the same. After so many years of high toxin exposure (thanks to our modern world), our liver, kidneys and lungs which are the drains of our body get clogged and toxins (just like the water0 start to pool in our body rather than getting eliminated and they created inflammation, cause damage to our surround cells and tissues and so on. If we try to detox instead of FIRST DRAINING, we are dumping more water into the overflowing kitchen sink or in this case, more toxicity into the already overflowing body. Drainage is opposite of detoxing in that it OPENS UP OUR ELIMINATION PATHWAYS.. aka drains so that the toxins can flood out. Once our emunctories/drainage pathways are open, we can then detox and the toxins will have an exit. 

Hippocrates stated that the body has the inherent ability to not only heal itself and restore health, but also to ward off disease. Homeopathy recognizes this inherent self-healing process. Symptoms are not caused by the invasion of external germs but rather by a manifestation of the body’s attempt to defend and heal itself. Using potentized homeopathic remedies allows the body to reestablish homeostasis by removing the blockages (emotional and physical) that are preventing it from healing itself. Homeopathy is incredibly powerful and has been proven time and time again to be the most effective form of draining the body.

To get started on initial liver and kidney drainage along with a pathogen cleanse, click here:

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  1. I’m so glad I’m doing homeopathy with you!! I definitely see the effects in my body! It saddens me how many people (even a comment a saw online this week) who don’t believe that there is ANYTHING toxic in the products we use or the foods we eat because the FDA “approves” everything we use, so there can’t be toxins. The FDA is not trustworthy at all in my opinion! There are so many chemicals and toxins banned in other countries that are approved by the FDA in America. SO sad and frustrating!

    1. I too share that frustration! the FDA approves things I wouldnt even want to be in the dirt where my plants are growing! When you actually research individual ingredient and their safety, you’d be blown away at how many are known carcinogens and are yet approved.

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