Whether the kids are heading back to school, or you are, it is exciting to be getting back to some sense of normalcy. Keeping yourself and your family’s immune systems healthy as you move into the new routine is invaluable. As exciting as back-to-school season may be , when it is upon us there is usually a lot of stress which can weaken our immune system. Also, naturally as the colder months approach, our immune system becomes more susceptible to pathogens. It is so important to ensure we have a healthy and strong functioning system to protect us against invaders!

Below are some tips and remedies to help support your children during this transition.

  1. Get to sleep at or before 10PM, especially the few weeks leading up to school. Why is this important? Because getting 8 full hours of proper sleep allows your immune system to rest and recover. Not getting enough sleep weakens immunity and leaves you susceptible to all the pathogens out there.
  2. Supplement with probiotics starting NOW to ensure a healthy and strong gut! Usually back to school means more processed snacks/lunches as we are more rushed and need quick foods that are easy to pack. This leaves our guts inflamed and our probiotics start dwindling. Get a head of the game by supplementing with Genestra HMF Fit For School Probiotics !
  3. Supplement with Genestra Imu-gen phytotherapy to help balance and strengthen the immune system naturally! This means that when all the other kids are coming home sick, your child feels fine or at the very least, fights the cold/flu much faster!
  4. Start meal planning and meal prepping now (yes a a month ahead)!. Why start now? You can cook up super healthy meals (muffins, bars, quiches, etc) and freeze them so that you have a few months work of super healthy school lunches/snacks for your kids. this will save you grabbing processed foods at the last minute to fill their lunch boxes and will also save you time trying to do all the meal prepping the week before or worse, during the school week. My kids are homeschooled but I still meal prep and freeze as it is HECTIC homeschooling. I am making mini paleo spinach quiches, and sugarfree superfood muffins, energy balls, chicken bone broth soups, and alot more! Make sure you’re giving them lots of dark organic veggies to ensure healthy immunity.
  5. Give the kids lots of vitamin C and D to build their immune system ! I love the Genestra D-mulsion and the Genestra chewable vitamin C Gummies as they are convenient and the kids are compliant as they taste great!
  6. Add medicinal mushrooms to kids smoothies to strengthen and modulate their immune system, to again, you guessed it….. FIGHT BACK AGAINST PATHOGENS!
  7. Ditch sugar and instead use stevia or yacon syrup for their baking and treats to prevent a 7-day drop in immune function. I use Smart Sweets and/or Pur gun for “candy” for my kids as they are both sugarfree!
  8. Make sure they are getting lots of healthy DHA fats for optimal brain performance and immune function! Genestra DHA Pediaburst is the BEST!

Follow the tips above not just for the first few weeks of school but throughout the school year! You will be amazed at how healthy your kids are compared to all the rest and it will save you a lot of headaches, missed school days and energy!

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