Naturally and successfully achieving lasting results/relief from your chronic disease can be exhausting. The most common reason for people giving up on their protocols is that they did not see the results they wanted within weeks or even months. So, they quit and gave up thinking that it doesn’t work.

Symptoms are your body’s siren to let you know that something is wrong. To get rid of those symptoms (aka your body’s call for help) means you need to get rid of the root issue. If you have cystic acne, the issue isn’t the acne, its the hormonal imbalances. Rebalance the hormones by rebalancing your blood sugar, metabolic system, liver, thyroid, gut, etc and the acne (siren) will clear.

The timeline looks completely different for every person depending on their genetics, ethnicity, lifestyle, health history, financial stability, stress levels and so on. The one constant that is there for every person is the fact that true remission takes months to years. You can get phenomenal results before then but to get to the very core of the issues, your body needs plenty of time to push out toxicity, rebalance the body and reverse the damage.

Some people who have so much immune imbalance, toxicity, certain genetic SNPs, and years of chronic health issues, steroid use etc could take years to get into remission.

The stair case is a different length for everyone and each stair could indicate weeks, months or years needed to get the results you want.

Patience is 100% needed on natural journeys because we work on getting to the source of the issue and this takes TIME as we support your body and let your BODY do the healing.

The difference between those who have incredible testimonials and feel amazing vs those who are stuck with their pain and health issues is the fact that they climbed the stair case all the way to the top. It’s not for everyone otherwise the whole world would be healthy. If you have been climbing and are still going or if you already reached the top, BE PROUD because you are one of the few❤❤❤

If you are expecting quick results, the natural route is not for you and that is ok as long as you understand that 🙂🙂

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