Signs Your Kidneys May Need Support

Do you have any of the symptoms in this list above? If so, you may need to consider doing kidney (and liver) drainage ! These signs are some of the most common symptoms of a poorly functioning renal system that needs attention. There are so many more symptoms that would indicate the need for kidney support, but these are some of the main ones.

The kidneys are powerful pH regulators. They help to ensure we are excreting acidic toxins, uric acids, heavy metals, excess hormones, etc. from the body. They also help us convert vitamin D and so much more! If they are overburdened and not eliminating, these substances build up in the body and cause us to become very acidic. Acidity triggers our body to pull minerals out from our bones and teeth to balance our pH, leading to weakened bones, joints, etc.

Also, heavy metals and acidic toxins’ deposition points are usually the joints, which can trigger joint inflammation/pain. Glyphosate; the heavy metals in our food, makeup, mercury fillings, as well as our toxic drinking water and everything else we are exposed to burdens our emunctories and causes imbalances. It’s always a good idea to do seasonal drainage to prevent a build up of these harmful toxins.

If you’d like to start a homeopathic drainage protocol for the liver and kidneys, head to !

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