Cortisols Connection to Acne

Do you suffer from cystic acne, jawline acne, acne in your temples back or chest?  What about hairloss, irregular cycles or long cycles? If so, these are hormonal issues, most likely stemming from excess androgen production (too much testosterone).

When Cortisol is high from chronic stress, it causes the body to make androgens, causing receptors to bind to androgens, producing acne as a result. Hair loss can also be experienced with excess androgens as well as irregular or long cycles.

Also, when one experiences chronic stress, one doesn’t digest food well, meaning the body isn’t absorbing the essential nutrients needed to help reduce inflammation and excess hormones such as zinc, selenium, omegas etc. This causes further hormonal imbalances as these excess hormones recirculate in our systems.

What can we do to reduce acne, hairloss, etc?

  1. Reduce stress by deep breathing, exercising, eating nutritious foods,
  2. Take 30mg of zinc daily
  3. Drink spearmint tea
  4. Take adaptogens (tulsi, ashwaganda, astragalus, etc)
  5. Use essential oils, such as lavender or Clary sage
  6. Get adequate sleep!

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