5 Tips for Clear Skin

When it comes to the skin, more is NOT more. Get rid of the hundreds of products you have in your lineup and instead, swap them for real plant/food ingredients to truly nourish the skin! NEVER put alcohol on the skin (most products contain alcohol, sadly) if you want to protect the bacterial balance and strength of the skin!

Do you want clear and glowing skin naturally!? Follow these tips below

Here is my routine that takes only a few minutes, using ingredients that are all pretty much edible, but please don’t go eating them 😉

  1. The health of your skin directly correlates to the health of your body and more importantly, your intestinal tract! If your intestinal system is out of balance with bacteria, toxins, and inflammation, your skin will have acne, dryness, grease, etc. Detoxify from the inside using chlorophyll to help clear acne and push out toxins. If you’re consistent, you will start to see your skin literally glow!
  2. Exfoliating the skin and cleansing it, properly, is important to prevent bacterial build up and to keep the pores clean and unclogged. Lulo Organic Skincare exfoliating facial polishing powder is my GO TO for exfoliating ! It’s so gentle but effective and leaves the skin feeling SO smooth! 
  3. Toning the skin with ALCOHOL FREE witch hazel is a great way to kill bacteria, cleanse the pores, and reduce acne without all the chemicals
  4. After toning, I always rehydrate my skin with rose mist as it helps reduce redness, smells incredible and is anti-inflammatory!
  5. Last, but not least, is moisturizing. After doing all the things, I want to lock in some moisture to prevent my skin from drying out during the day. I love using pure almond oil with a bit of blue tansy essential oil at night and The Body Deli Creme de la Rose ointment in the mornings. 

There we are! My 5 tips for keeping your skin clear and glowing. I hope you all enjoy and find these tips helpful. 

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