Is Never Getting Sick Actually a Good Thing?

Most people think that if they never have cold or flu symptoms, it means they are healthy. This actually FALSE!

We all come in contact with tens of thousands of viruses and bacteria every year. Many of these will enter our body. If you are HEALTHY, our bodies should mount an immune response to fight it off before it can take hold in our system. Our body should create a fever to incinerate the microbe and create extra mucous production to push it out via mucous membranes (i.e. runny nose). What we want is to see a healthy response (fever, runny nose, cough) to these pathogens that does not drag on for MONTHS, or a prolonged period of time. Ideally, you should get some sort of cold or flu symptoms that last anywhere from a few to 48 hours.  

If you get no response (aka never get sick), that means your body may be too weak to mount a response so all these pathogens are entering the system and disrupting our body’s function, but our body is not doing anything about it. If you get a PROLONGED response, that too means your body is not strong enough to create a high enough fever or reaction to kill off the pathogen efficiently.

So what do we want? We want to have a healthy response to pathogens but it should clear up quickly and not drag on. We should be getting sick (especially kids) once or twice a year! We tune our immune system by being exposed to pathogens and getting colds. This is called building immunity.

Epstein-Barr Virus example: Most people who have EBV antibodies never actually had mono. This tells you that they contracted the virus and their body was too weak to mount a response (fever and other mono symptoms) to destroy it so it let it take hold and now there are chronic antibodies being produced triggering things like chronic fatigue.

So don’t be scared of getting sick. It’s a GOOD thing! It means you’re body is working ! You just don’t want to be sick ALL THE TIME or NEVER… find the happy medium.

Homeopathy is great for those who have had incomplete reactions as it helps to drive the reaction forward so your body can rebalance.

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