One of the biggest complaints I hear from my clients and most people to be honest, is that being healthy takes up too much time or that there isn’t enough time in the day to do all the things to be healthy. So I thought I’d give you a realistic idea of how much time “being healthy” actually takes out of your day. Side not though, caring for your health should be your UTMOST priority since this is the only body you have to get you through life so carving out time for the important stuff is NECESSARY.


Eating well: this takes no extra time. A smoothie takes 1 minute to prep and 45 seconds to blend. Overnight oats takes 2 minutes to whisk and seconds to grab in the morning. Chicken takes 20 minutes to bake and during that time you can steam asparagus. You’re eating meals everyday anyway so just swap the ingredients you usually use for healthier stuff and it won’t cost you any extra time.

Supplements: it takes 5 minutes total of your day to grab some pills or tinctures and consume them a few times/day. You can spare 5 minutes if it means you will feel so much better!

Exercise: no one said you have to spend hours weightlifting 🏋‍♂️. Instead, try doing a quick 10 minute HIIT routine from YouTube if that is all you can spare !

Deep breath: this takes no extra time as you can do it while you’re driving, working, falling asleep, etc.

Drink water: this might take 5 minutes out of your day total if you count the time it takes to fill up your glass or bottle and pause what you’re doing to drink. Humans can survive without food for a long time but not without water. Keep your cells and your body alive by giving it water.

Sleep 8 hours: OK this might be genuinely challenging for people who work late and are up early however the majority of us have time at night to sleep 8 hours but we choose to scroll through our phone or watch TV instead. Try cutting back on that and making sure you’re leave yourself 9 hours at night. 1 hour to prep for bed and fall asleep and 8 hours to sleep deep.

It really isn’t complicated to be healthy. Just be mindful of your goals and take an extra 20 minutes out of your day to take care of YOU. You deserve it 💜

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