Gastrointestinal Health Protocol

Here are some of my favourite supplements that you can take to help support and maintain optimal gut and digestive health. You can try 1 or 2 supplements from each category and take them all as part of 1 protocol for best results. These supplements are meant to support a healthy and strong intestinal lining and digestive system function.

Always check with your practitioner before consuming any supplements recommended. All Products can be purchased on


HMF Intensive 500:

GI Fortify:


MCT Ketone Energy:


Digest Plus:


Bio Enzymes:

2 Replies to “Gastrointestinal Health Protocol”

  1. Can these products be shipped to Europe (Italy or Sweden) ? Are can they be found outside the Us and Canada? I would love to buy them.

    1. Unfortunately they are only available in Canada and the US 🙁 If you have a friends in Canada or US, you could have the package shipped to them and then have them send it to you.

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