Supplements for Dyshidrotic Eczema

Dyshidrotic Eczema is a type of eczema that gets triggered when there is poor toxin elimination by the body’s main emunctories (liver and kidneys). The body pushes toxins out via the skin (pustules) in an attempt to deacidify its terrain. The supplements mentioned below apply to ALL forms of eczema and most other skin conditions too, and can all be purchased at !

1. ANTIINFLAMMATORY – Pure Encapsulations CurcumaSorb is the BEST antiinflammatory supplement as it is HIGHLY absorbable and can reduce inflammation quite quickly. 180s for US customers and 90s for Canadian.

2. ANTIFUNGAL – Genestra Black Walnut Combination #1 is an incredible antifungal to help clear pathogens out of the body and reduce toxicity and inflammation as a result. A candida/parasite cleanse is almost always necessary in cases of eczema.

3. DRAINERS – Liver & Kidney drainage is very important to help stimulate those emunctories to secrete toxins again so that they don’t get pushed out through the skin. Head to HOLISTICSPRING.ORG to get a homeopathic liver and kidney drainage protocol!!

4. MINERALS – When you’re body is acidic from too much stress and toxins, consuming minerals is essential to keep the body more alkaline. Genestra Magnesium Glycinate Powder is amazing to help with so so many enzymatic and metabolic processes in the body.

5. PROBIOTICS – Genestra HMF INTENSIVE 500 or HMF MULTI STRAIN 50 are the best probiotics to take to start repopulating the gut with good bacteria in order to help in balancing out the bad bacteria.

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