Grocery Store Tours

Grocery Store Tours

Are you unsure how to make healthy choices while shopping? Are you unsure how to read and understand food labels and know which products are better
than others? Are you confused about what products are actually healthy, regardless of the claims they make? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the variety of products available and wondering how to know when something is healthy or unhealthy? I can take the guesswork out of shopping for healthy foods and teach you how to make wise choices.

Some of the things you will learn during this session:

  • Which aisles you should shop in, which aisles to avoid and why.
  • How to make healthier choices within each food category.
  • How to point out “fake” healthy foods
  • Which foods to buy organic and why.
  • How to understand food labels.
  • What some of the ingredients in packaged foods really mean
  • Alternatives to sugar and artificial sweeteners
  • Which foods are the best foods for detoxification
  • Which oils are better for cooking and which ones for salad dressings.
  • How to shop when you have major food restriction: gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, carb free, vegan, etc

These questions and many more will be answered during a fun 1-hour tour of your favourite grocery store. I can do a 1 on 1 tour, a couple or group tour! Important educational handouts included.


1 hour local grocery store tour – $45 (includes helpful handouts and resources)