How To Safely Dine Out With Allergies

Eating out at a restaurant can be extremely stressful when you have allergies or dietary restrictions because you don’t know what is hiding in your food! While eating at home is definitely the better option, sometimes eating out is unavoidable. Plus, it’s nice to get yourself out of the house to enjoy a good meal that you didn’t have to prepare! Below are some of my great tips to help avoiding flare ups when eating out. Continue reading “How To Safely Dine Out With Allergies”

Paleo Chocolate Mint Brownies

gluten-free brownies

These Paleo mint chocolate brownies are SO decadent, delicious, rich and super clean! They are grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, refined-sugar-free and will be a crowd pleaser! This recipe is low-sugar but not sugar free! You could alter it to make it sugar free by using yacon syrup or Lakanto sweetener (The the healthiest substitute but works)  in replacement for the honey and coconut sugar and stevia chocolate chips. Continue reading “Paleo Chocolate Mint Brownies”

Juicer-Free Immune Building Green Juice Recipe

green juice

Do you wish you could drink all the green juice like everyone else but you don’t have a juicer at home and don’t want to spend $6 for a tiny bottle at the store? Don’t worry, I got you covered! This immune building green juice only requires  a blender and it tastes just as delicious! Feel free to add or subtract any ingredients form this recipe to make it your own! Continue reading “Juicer-Free Immune Building Green Juice Recipe”


vegan superfood cookies

My kids are ALWAYS looking for snacks throughout the day and I am not one to throw packaged snacks at them too often. I love creating recipes that not only taste delicious (kid-approved) but are also great for meal-prepping and that don’t take up a lot of time! I love this recipe because its packed with super-foods and ingredients that will nourish my kids while filling up their little tummies. They are Vegan high fiber, grain-free, paleo, and are packed with nutrients! Continue reading “PALEO SUPERFOOD COOKIES”


keto buns

These buns are light, fluffy, very high in fiber and are PERFECT for BBQ season and for those of you who cant have wheat or grains in general! They are so easy to whip together, are yeast-free, grain-free, paleo and delicious! The high fiber content is great for lowering cholesterol, balancing hormones and cleansing the colon. They can help relieve constipation as well… who doesn’t want that!? Continue reading “HIGH-FIBER, LOW-CARB KETO BUNS”


healthy pumpkin bread

This is HANDS DOWN the BEST pumpkin bread I’ve ever made! You can’t tell it’s gluten-free (great for those picky people) and it is SO MOIST, light yet dense and rich and so fluffy. It is very flavourful too! I know I am biased but I promise you will also think it is the best bread ever! Go ahead and make it and put your taste-buds in heaven 😉 Continue reading “THE BEST GLUTEN-FREE AND DAIRY-FREE PUMPKIN BREAD”

10 EASY Things To Do EVERYDAY For Better Health ~ For People Who Don’t Have Time

Holy Basil Tea

Do you spend enough time in the day/week/month taking care of YOU and YOUR health? Being a mom (or dad) often means putting yourself last and your kids, partner and work/home first. At least in our home, I find I would take care of everyone and everything and IF… IF there is time left and I still have some energy, I will do something for me. I noticed that the longer I went on like this, the more frustrated, anxious and snappy I would be. I felt unhealthy, and most definitely did not feel at peace, calm, and energized. This was a problem for me because not being my happy, energetic self meant I was short with my kids, lost my temper easily and was not the best mom and wife I could be. Continue reading “10 EASY Things To Do EVERYDAY For Better Health ~ For People Who Don’t Have Time”