Passion Fruit Chia Seed Pudding

Chia Seed pudding is eaten at least twice a week in my home.  We love it because it’s packed with omega 3 essential fats, fiber, and minerals such as calcium, manganese and phosphorous. It’s also so versatile and affordable which makes it the perfect breakfast to meal-prep when on a tight budget. Because of its high-fat, low-carb content it is keto-friendly, candida diet friendly (depending on the toppings) , paleo, vegan and whole30 approved. Continue reading “Passion Fruit Chia Seed Pudding”

Essential Oils 101: Getting Started on Your Oil Journey

This blog post will help guide you into beginning your essential oil journey and also answer some of those questions you probably have bouncing around in your head such as: What is the best brand of essential oils? Dow do you know if they are pure and good quality? How do I start using them? How do I create an account to get the oils at wholesale price? Continue reading “Essential Oils 101: Getting Started on Your Oil Journey”

How To Do a Vitamin C Flush & Why You Should

Vitamin C

You always hear everyone talk about Vitamin C and its importance when you are sick for boosting your immune system. We all know Vitamin C is good for us but we don’t really know why or how! So below are few amazing benefits of Vitamin C and some of it’s ideal forms. I also go into detail on how to do a C-flush to help detoxify all sorts of toxins from the body. Continue reading “How To Do a Vitamin C Flush & Why You Should”

Biotherapeutic Drainage: Why You Need Homeopathy To Effectively Re-balance Your Body

UNDA Numbered Compounds

Have you tried homeopathy before? Have you ever tried bio-therapeutic drainage in particular?

We live in an industrialized world and are exposed to a variety of harmful chemicals in the air we breathe, the food and drink we consumes, the surfaces we touch and the products (beauty, household, etc) we use. It is not a question of whether or not we are toxic, but a question of HOW TOXIC. This isn’t news though! If you ask any of the climate change advocates out there what is causing climate change, they will all say the toxins that are being created ! Continue reading “Biotherapeutic Drainage: Why You Need Homeopathy To Effectively Re-balance Your Body”

How To Safely Dine Out With Allergies

Eating out at a restaurant can be extremely stressful when you have allergies or dietary restrictions because you don’t know what is hiding in your food! While eating at home is definitely the better option, sometimes eating out is unavoidable. Plus, it’s nice to get yourself out of the house to enjoy a good meal that you didn’t have to prepare! Below are some of my great tips to help avoiding flare ups when eating out. Continue reading “How To Safely Dine Out With Allergies”