Smoothies are one of the best ways, in my opinion, to get LOADS of nutrients at one time while being gentle on your digestive system. Smoothies are pre-broken down (aka pre-chewed) and therefor require very little effort on our digestive system to break them down and absorb all the amazing nutrients in them. It’s why I drink a smoothie EVERY DAY!

If you are on the KETO diet, Candida diet, Sugar-free diet etc, it can be very difficult to make smoothies that not only taste DELICIOUS but also happen to be sugar-free and fruit-free and NOURISHING all at the same time! It’s even more difficult to make a smoothie that meets all these criteria while passing the picky eater test!

This smoothie recipe will do JUST THAT! It is fruit-free, sugar-free, keto, paleo, high protein, gut-sealing and great for digestion all while tasting like chocolate mint icecream!

*Blend everything on high and enjoy! Alter the ingredients to taste 🙂 *

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